Quick StartΒΆ

Train or download the TensorFlow SavedModel.

import tensorflow as tf

export_dir = "./model/1"
input_keys_placeholder = tf.placeholder(
    tf.int32, shape=[None, 1], name="input_keys")
output_keys = tf.identity(input_keys_placeholder, name="output_keys")

session = tf.Session()
    inputs={"keys": input_keys_placeholder},
    outputs={"keys": output_keys})

This script will export the model in ./model.


Start serving to load the model.

simple_tensorflow_serving --model_base_path="./model"

Check out the dashboard in in web browser.


Generate the clients for testing without coding.

curl http://localhost:8500/v1/models/default/gen_client?language=python > client.py

python ./client.py